Crew Entry form


*Crew Info (£19 Register fee)

Crews 5-28 people.

Crews are allow up to 20% discretion with dancers just over the age category in line with other competitions. We do not encourage this, and schools will have to contact us and we will make a final decision.

Upload your Crew Music  – Bring backup music on the day. Routine length 1:50 to 2:30 mins.

All Competitors must purchase All Day Competitors Ticket (only £13.50) which can be purchased before or on the day.

*Beginners & Intermediate Guidelines

Crews where 2 thirds of dancers have competed anywhere 18 months plus, must compete in the Intermediate Category. 

8&U + 10&U are Open Category (Beginners/ intermediate categories are not necessary in this age group)

UKSDC promotors reserve the right to move a crew up a category if we feel a crew has been entered incorrectly.

Competition terms and conditions – Please read

The organisers take no responsibility for any personal injury to competitors whilst attending this street dance event. All competitors do so at their own risk with regard to health, fitness and training. The event is being filmed and the organisers reserve the right to use competitor’s names and images for any purpose for this and any future events. All competitors under the age of 18 years must have their parents permission to take part.